Love Letters

May 2013

Dearest Pregnant Mama,

You have come to the right place on your pregnancy journey. You need look no further for the phenomenal care you and your baby want and deserve. There are many ways you can choose to bring your baby into the world and there are so many health care providers that the choices can be overwhelming.   I can unequivocally say that you will find no one better for your childbearing year than Beth.

Beth comes with unparalleled experience, knowledge and wisdom and can easily assimilate into wherever you are at in your life and health journey. There is such a comfort in knowing that Beth will have the answer to whatever questions may arise during pre- and postnatal care. I can’t wait for you to experience that! Beth looks deep to treat the cause of any issues instead of just providing treatments that solely mask symptoms. For example, through using better nutrition and supplements Beth was able to guide me to avoid toxemia during my 3rd and 4th pregnancies. This care was not taken in the modern medical establishment where I had my first two children, and unfortunately we ended up with complications. There are so many variables that arise from person to person and pregnancy to pregnancy. Beth will take the time to know you, know your situation, and then guide you through a beautiful time of personal and physical growth that supports both you and your baby for the better. In retrospect, I wish that for all my births I chose competency and experience over some letters behind a name. The MDs and CNM’s (certified nurse midwifes) I received care from during my first two pregnancies did not even hold a candle to the loving and exceptional care I received from Beth during my latest two pregnancies. There is a world of difference that is truly indescribable. If this is your first pregnancy, don’t head down the medical establishment road! If you are hopping off the OBGYN train you are headed for a remarkable year. Don’t miss out!

We paid for our home births out of our pockets. At first, it seemed stupid. Why pay for something that could be covered by insurance? Because at the end of the day birth is not just about getting the baby out of your body. It should not be a one-day event preceded by a handful of 10 minutes appointments and a lot of ultrasound pictures. It should be a time to cherish life, and cherish health. It should be a year of growth and change. It should be an experience you do hand-in-hand with someone who cares about you and your family. You will never again have the opportunity to “grow” this baby that is inside of you. We made the choice to pay because in life you pay for things that are important – and what is more important than your child? In the end, we realized we received far more than we feel we paid for. In fact, if we won the lottery we would divvy as much with Beth as we would to any family member, for she truly changed the course of our lives for the better.   The emotional, physical, nutritional, and overall lifestyle imprint Beth has left on our family will only continue to grow stronger with time. You cannot monetize the impact that Beth will have on your pregnancy, your birth and then on your life.

I know you have so many questions, Mama. There is a lot of fear out there surrounding birth. Do your research. Make an informed decision. Once you hit the point where you realize there is no better choice than bringing your child into the world naturally and in your home then land in the arms of Beth. “Miss Beth” is a legend in our home. She is adored by each family member – especially our two-year-old, who always asks if she is coming over! Choose Beth be the legend in your home as well. If you have any questions please call.

Love and peace to you!

Ginny Y., Brighton, MI.

P.S.  Ginny has had two more babies with Beth since this letter, each healthier, and swifter, than the last!Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling