Love Letters


We had our first baby the ‘traditional’ way. We found out we were pregnant, I went to the OB I had seen before and I was put on the pregnancy conveyor belt. I waited forever to be seen and then was rushed out the door at each prenatal. When my due date came around I was induced and ‘helped’ along with each step of my labor and delivery.   I didn’t know any better. Fast-forward two years and we found out we were pregnant again. I felt like I was being called to let my body do what it was created to do this time around. After much research and deliberation we decided to plan a home birth. We anticipated a better experience than the last, but we never dreamed how wonderful working with Beth would be.

Beth truly has a gift and she is so generous to share it. Our whole family has been so blessed by our experience working with her. Throughout the entire process she tended not only to my physical health, but, just as importantly, to my mental and spiritual health as well. She was confident, patient, encouraging, gentle and reassuring – exactly what I needed during this season of life.

The labor and birth experience itself was night and day different from our first birth. In the hospital everything felt forced and procedural. Honestly, it was demoralizing and my body was not trusted at all. This time around I felt empowered. I was prepared – physically and mentally. And most importantly, I was supported. I felt loved and comforted and my body was trusted. Beth has such a quiet confidence and I felt so safe and cared for as my body did exactly what it was made to do. In addition to the wonderful birth experience, the postpartum care was delightful. We have felt so incredibly supported by Beth after our home birth with home visits, phone calls and text messages. She is a wellspring of helpful tips and information! After our hospital birth we felt like, “Here’s your baby. See you in six weeks. Good luck!” and isolation set in quickly. I would have given anything to have Beth the first time around!

Looking back on this season, I feel empowered in a way I’ve never felt before. I have a new confidence in myself and in my abilities – especially as a mother. I see the world a bit differently now. I also see my husband a bit differently. We are closer and our marriage is stronger having gone through the home birth experience together.

I will never forget the love and warmth that surrounded our sweet baby’s birth. I truly wish for every woman to have the experience I did. To be loved and soothed during their labors, to be hugged by their birth attendants and to truly feel safe and comfortable. It is really something special to feel so bonded to the women who helped me bring my baby into the world. Even now, weeks later, I still get a little weepy when I think about her birth and how amazing it was. I, honestly, cannot wait to do it again (with Beth by our side, of course)!

Brittany S., Blissfield MI

(P.S. from Beth,  And then she did! )


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