Childbirth Ed

Birth & The First Three Months

Katy Gladwin is happy to be offering Birth & the First Three Months at Indigo Forest.

The first three weeks of this 6-week course are designed to teach you the practical nuts and bolts of late pregnancy, labor, and birth. What is a positive birth experience for you? What can you do to empower and prepare yourself to achieve the birth that feels best for you? These questions will be addressed and resources provided to allow you to enter your birth experience with confidence. The postpartum segment will help you prepare for your transition into parenthood. A joyful transition into a family can take some work, so being prepared for the changes in partner dynamics and roles, family development, and sexuality will ease these big family shifts. We will also touch on the basics of postpartum physiology, infant care and breastfeeding, and Postpartum Depression prevention. Classes meet weekly, and is also offered in separate Birth or Postpartum Segments.  Please visit  for more details or to register.


Instructor: Katy Gladwinheadshot

In 2011 Katy founded Sacred Roots Services LLC to expand comprehensive pregnancy & birth doula services for Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti families.   An experienced doula & mother, she is a bright & engaging childbirth ed teacher who also mentors student doulas.