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Let’s Talk Flu.

January 25, 2018

We need to talk flu. Or rather, NOT getting the flu. I’m sure you’ve caught on that this flu season is a doozy! Politics and media drama aside, there is NOTHING to be lost by taking aggressive steps for your well-being. I am SURE that if you were to become one of the unlucky ones down for a week (or 2, or 3!) with the flu ravaging your household, you’d look back and think that taking a nap wouldn’t have been THAT hard, especially if it would have prevented all that misery and lost time. So – The basics.

1. Sleep. I. DO. NOT. CARE. HOW.BUSY.YOU. ARE.WITH.HOW. MANY. KIDS. If the plague was here, you would team up, tag team, beg relatives to watch the children, or skip your Netflix binge. Or get off FB. This is no joke. REST is by FAR the most powerful healer and preventer. Take a nap with the kids, take a nap with the kids watching Netflix, go to bed early with this dishes in the sink. WHATEVER.IT.TAKES.

2. Hand washing. A lot. With REGULAR boring bar soap. The antimicrobial foaming crap is sinking the ship, sorry to break it to you. It screws up the natural biome of the body, and allows pathogens a clear path in. It’s adding to the antibiotic-resistant, nasty bacteria, which is already out of hand and endangering lives OFTEN. Hot water and soap have been found to be VERY effective!

3. Hydration. Isn’t this boring? I’m not even selling anything here. You HAVE ALL THIS at your disposal. Most people are dehydrated. Most headaches, constipation and even skin problems are caused or at least worsened by dehydration. If you are not drinking at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water daily, this is you. If you hate the taste of water, it’s almost certainly because you are drinking tap water and your smart body hates the taste of chlorine and flouride. Drink it anyway, or add a drop of food grade essential oil, or a squeeze of fresh lemon, all good. OR get some GREAT water, see below.*

4. Bounce. Or walk. Or jumping jacks. Your lymph system is doing a mighty job trying to keep the bad guys at bay. It can only empty and FLUSH out if there is IMPACT/ MOVEMENT. It cannot move stuff on it’s own. So, get on the kids’ mini-tramp (‘rebounder’), or big trampoline, or go for a brisk walk, or do some jumping jacks. YOU are only as healthy as your body’s “DRAINS” can function – if your skin, kidneys, bowels, lymph etc are clogged, all the health or detox in the world can’t help because it’s ALL GETTING REABSORBED.

5. Take the crew outside. Sunlight is your key to great vitamin D, and THIS is a primary missing link for faltering immune systems. Bundle up, and get OUTSIDE! Even better if it’s in the am before noon. No, I don’t care that it’s raining. I’m trying to keep you all out of the hospital.

6. If you are freaked out or confused, I am doing 15-minute mini-consults by phone this weekend, $20. I’ll help you know how to use all the stuff you have in your house, natural remedies, food in the cupboard, whatever – to see you through. If you don’t know me, my name is Beth, I’m a midwife specializing in natural family health with 30+ years experience. I founded Indigo Forest in 2007 to help families be empowered in their own parenting & health care. Arrange by emailing me at

7. If you relied on our old storefront and lovely staff to get your through these seasons – Indigo Forest has a great little office on Plymouth Rd, and we have ALL the old great stuff in stock for convenient pick-up. Elderberries, bulk herbs, wide range of Living Streams Probiotics, Green Pastures cod liver oils, 30% hydrogen peroxide, Young Living Essential oils, Oxybaths, ETC.

(*And here I will offer to sell you something after all Рcheck out the best water filter IN THE WORLD, and contact me for free shipping AND a free mini-consult on healthy water and how this filter is going to save you on decades of dental costs for your kids

Hang in there, wonderful mamas! Spring is coming!
love Beth

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