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Last-Minute Halloween Costume?

October 30, 2014

From the sparkly mind of a 14-year-old, for all of us needing last minute costumes, thank you JIANMARCO!
Now, pretend an hysterically laughing teen is bubbling these out at midnight, it will put you in the proper mood…….

  1. Grab a paper towel tube, put a little mirror on one end facing out.   Then you point it at people and tell them you are a “You Tube!”
  1. Get a little fish net, and go around flicking it with your fingers.  You are “Netflicks!” Jm-#1 drawing
  1. Take an old book, open it to the middle, and cut an eye hole in the center of each side.  Attach elastic to wear around your face (or just hold up at key moments,) and you are “Facebook!”Jm-FB drawing
  1. Dress as a spider, carry around a dictionary, and call your self “Webster!” (Get it?)
  1. Ladies, drape  yourself in a blanket and say that you are “Covergirl!”
  1. Carry around an old clunky house phone, paste or draw with a marker a big eye on it. You’re an “IPhone!”
  2. Put an old jungle explorer hat on your head, strap a computer keyboard to one arm, and wind the cord of a mouse up the other. You’re “Internet Explorer!”Jm drawing #2
  3. Take a camera (traditional film one even better), and wrap Halloween cobwebs over the lens. You’re a “Website!”
  4. Cut a 10” capital ‘E’ out of fabric or felt (or even draw with a marker on a whole piece of paper), tuck it in your waistband, flapped out over your hip. Now you’re a real live “Hippie!”Jm - Hippie
  5. Get a broom, and glue a piece of fake meat to the bristles, go as a “SweepStake!”
  6. Glue little wheels to the outside of the heel of your shoes on either side, and hold a big rock in your hands. Now you have a choice – are you A Rolling Stone,” or have you always wanted to be “Rock & Roll!” Or hold a bunch of rocks, and go “The Rolling Stones!”Jm #5 Drawing
  7. Get your favorite larger empty picture frame, no glass, just frame.  Hold it in front of your face, “I’ve been Framed!”

It’s hard to believe that this list is a truly original in such a large world , but it was a joy to watch it spontaneously hatch from a teen jokester in a fit of creative hilarity .   May you all have one of those crazy fun times with your child, when you get to see their joy in discovering! Happy Halloween! And DO leave your comments, What’s YOUR best pun costume idea?

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