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Ice Cream Cones for Summer Breakfast!

July 16, 2014

Hot summer days sometimes wear down mothers’ enthusiasm for cooking and cleaning up yet another meal.  Here’s a breakfast we invented last week that quickly won 4 stars from the boys!  How about Breakfast Ice Cream Cones?!  Super nourishing (don’t tell, these ‘good fats’ really help their brains & immune system function well), really tasty, and the kids love ‘breaking the rules!’   What’s not to love?

It DOES involve a quickie ice cream maker – Cuisinart has a couple of great versions, no salt and no mess, done in 10-20 minutes!

We keep a can of full fat coconut milk in the fridge (hence completed in 10 minutes because it’s already chilled).

1 Can Full Fat Coconut Milk (Native Forest is our favorite)
1/4 cup Elderberry syrup
1 cup or more berries of your choice (get inspired to pick your own!)
1 tsp vanilla
1-3 TB RAW honey (complete vitamins, minerals & enzymes) or real maple syrup (good minerals, better flavor)

Whip it all up with your hand blender in a stainless or glass bowl (eliminating xenoestrogen contamination), pour into the pre-chilled ice cream chamber, and turn it on until it is frozen into that great homemade ice cream texture.

Serve in Gluten-free sugar cones (why avoid wheat)

And be THE most popular parent in town!  (Make enough for you too!)

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